We are Tom and Robyn, owners of Mountain Creek Labradoodles. We are
animal lovers, and have grown up with dogs. Robyn has raised and trained
many Labrador Retrievers growing up and had always enjoyed that breed.
Unfortunately when our son was born, he had severe allergies and
mild asthma and we knew that the Lab just wasn't the breed for us
anymore. After much research, we found Labradoodles. We spent a lot of
time researching them and meeting as many as we could before adding
our first Labradoodle to our family. Our first Labradoodle exceeded all of our
expectations. She was very easy to train, super smart, sweet, loving and
great with our kids. We lived in Florida at the time and we quickly found out
that Labradoodles love water! We took daily trIps to the doggie beach so
our doodle could swim, play fetch and frolick in the sand. When we moved
to South Carolina, we spent a lot of time with our children and doodle hiking
and finding every creek we could so our doodle could continue swimming.
With each day we fell more in love with Labradoodles. When looking for our
second Labradoodle, we found that there weren't any breeders in our area.
We looked in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee and couldn't
find what we were looking for. We felt called to take our knowledge and
experience and share Labradoodles with other families that were looking for a family pet that was easy to train, friendly, good with kids, loving, loyal, non-shedding and allergy friendly. We decided to begin
breeding Labradoodles and that is how Mountain Creek Labradoodles began.

We began breeding Labradoodle in 2006. We strive to have only the best
breeding dogs in our program. We know that the quality of the parents directly affects the quality of the puppies. That is why we do health testing on all of our breeding dogs. We also pick our parents based on their temperament and coat quality. We thoroughly enjoy raising our  puppies and getting to be a small part in many different families lives.
We know that adding a puppy to the family is a big step
and a big decision. We do our best to make sure that it
is a wonderful experience. There is no feeling like the
one you get when you see that little puppy light up the
faces of it's new family!

We feel strongly about our breeding dogs and puppies being well loved family memberss.
We have two breeding dogs that live with us and are our family pets and companions
first and foremost. Having two dogs allows us to give them, and each one of our
puppies all the love and attention they deserve. Our other breedingd dogs live in
Guardian homes, where they get to be pampered pups! They enjoy lots of love and
attention, walks around the neighborhood, a game of fetch in the
yard and  a warm place to snuggle at night.

Meet Anne Marie & Chuck

They are a wonderful couple we met several years ago when they bought a puppy from us. We are blessed to have them as part of our breeding program. Mitzi & Kiley live with them and their puppies are raised in their home with lots of love and care, and grandchildren to play with! Take a few moments to get to know them below...

We are Chuck and Ann Marie,

Both retired with many hobbies. Chuck enjoys woodworking and reading and
anything else I volunteer him to take part in.. I have been painting for many
years and participate in many local art and craft exhibits. Volunteering at
church is another passion. Gardening is what we do together.  I love to
watch my garden grow and photograph the results.  Later my flowers
become the subject of my paintings.

Five years ago we began our search for a new family pet.
Previously we have had mixed breeds.  Each brought many years of
happiness to our family. The last dog we adopted was a lab mix.  He lived
with us for 15 years.  Although we loved him, shedding was a problem. 
About a year after he passed away I began my search for a puppy that was
non-shedding, hypoallergenic.  I wanted a poodle, for the obvious reasons,
no shedding. Chuck wanted a Lab, because he’s a guy. Viola! Enter the
Labradoodle and Tom and Robyn.

I was so excited to find a puppy that would make us both happy. At first Chuck thought I made up the breed as a joke since he had never heard of a “Labradoodle”.

As I continued the online search it resulted in a wonderful surprise. A breeder lived not far from us. I immediately called to arrange a visit. A few days later we became owners of our very first doodle. It was love at first sight. Our lives were now set on a different Path. Her name is Gracie.  Our relationship with Tom and Robyn grew via e-mail letters and pictures of our doodle as she grew. A year later I inquired about another Labradoodle as a companion to Gracie. Robyn responded and asked if we would be interested in providing a guardian home for one of their dogs. We accepted.  As it turns out, they were from the same litter. Her name is Joey, short for Josephine. Now we are a 2-doodle family. Another year passes. Another coincidence?  I wanted a chocolate doodle, maybe smaller that Gracie and Joey.  Robyn called about another puppy and opportunity. Would we consider becoming guardians to Kiley (a medium chocolate doodle) and partner with them in their breeding program?  “Why not”, I said!  We have grown to love the breed; they are so smart and fun too. Being retired, we certainly have the time.
It is amazing as to where this road has taken us.  Caring for newborn puppies in our home and watching them as they thrive and grow daily is awesome. They become a loving part of our family until the leave for their forever home. We are surrounded by family and several grandchildren who love to visit a spend playtime with the puppies. Most importantly is the joy these puppies bring to all that decide to adopt.
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