adopting a labradoodle
Adopting a Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle Adoption
Labradoodle Puppy Adoption
labradoodle adoption
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1. Fill out the Puppy Application Form (Labradoodle Adoption Form).

2. Correspond with us via email or phone to discuss what type of puppy you are looking for, timing & which litter will work best for your family.

3. Place a $250 deposit to secure your place on the waiting list.

4. Keep up to date with the puppies as they grow via all the pictures and videos on our website and blog.

5. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, tips or advice you may need regarding your Labradoodle Adoption.

6. Pick out your puppy. We
want you to be happy with your
puppy choice. While we feel it
is important for each family to
have a say and pick their
perfect puppy, we also know
that during a one time visit, the
most active puppy in the litter
can seem like the most calm
laid back one when actually, it
is sleepy!! We spend 24  hours
a day with the puppies and
know their personalities well.
We are happy to work with
each family and help them pick
the puppy with the personality best suited for them!

Families pick out their puppy based on their spot on the wait list. If you are 3rd on the list for males, then you would have third choice. We ask that families pick their puppy by 6 weeks of age so that the families below them on the list have an opportunity to pick their puppy in a timely manner. If you have not picked your puppy by 6 weeks of age, we will give the families below you on the list the opportunity to pick before you.

7. We accept many different forms of payment for the deposit and the balance. We accept cash and credit card via paypal. Payments through paypal will need to be done before picking up the puppy as we cannot run payments here at our home. Balance is due when puppies are 4 weeks old, unless paying with cash. Then payment is made at time of pick-up.

8. Schedule a pick up time for your puppy. We can't wait to meet you and for you to meet your puppy!

We hope this helps our puppy families understand our labradoodle adoption process!!!

Additional Deposit Information
We require a $250 deposit when the puppies are born and puppy choice is on a first come first serve basis (first on the list gets first choice and so on). The deposit is nonrefundable since once you commit to choosing one of our puppies we then turn away other potential families. If you change your mind we then have to secure a new home for that puppy in a shortened amount of time. Since mother nature can be unpredictable, we are happy to apply any deposits toward a future litter if a current litter doesn't work out. We are also happy to apply the deposit to a future litter if the timing doesn't work out for your family as well.
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The Labradoodle Adoption Process

Labradoodle Adoption & What to Expect

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Welcome to our Labradoodle Adoption page! This page should help you understand the adoption process, as well as find valuable resources concerning bringing your new puppy home, what to feed your new puppy, and what to expect when you bring your new puppy home.
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Visitation Policy

While we do enjoy visits from families, we are not a kennel and therefore only have two dogs that live with us that are available to meet. When we have puppies we prefer to have visitors after our puppies have had their vaccinations. There are many diseases and sicknesses that can be given to puppies by something as simple as walking in the house with your shoes on! We care way too much for our puppies and our upcoming puppy families to put them at risk. Since we have these restrictions, we try very hard to keep lots of updated pictures and videos on our website and blog, so families can watch as the puppies grow.

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What size kennel should I buy?
For small mini Labradoodles(10-14lbs), we recommend the small size wire crate. For large mini and medium size Labradoodles, we recommend the medium size wire crate. Many stores sell crates that have dividers. This allows new puppy owners the ability to buy the crate that will fit their Labradoodle when it's an adult, but make it smaller when it is just a puppy. We suggest crates with dividers whenever possible.

What's with the ribbon colors?
We use different ribbons on each of the puppies so that we may keep track of their weights, and tell puppies apart while they are young.

What is my new puppy's eating schedule?
Your puppy will be eating three times a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening. If possible, continue to feed your new puppy that afternoon feeding for another week or two. If the afternoon feeding doesn't work with your schedule, two feedings a day is fine. We recommend keeping the puppy's feedings on a schedule as much as possible. We also suggest not feeding your new puppy past 6:30p.m., as this will help the puppy make it through the night in his crate

How much food will my puppy need per serving?
Small mini Labradoodles will be eating about 1 cup per day. Large mini Labradoodles will be eating 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 cups. Medium Labradoodles will be eating 2 - 2 1/2 cups per day.

What will I need for the puppy?
Your new puppy will need a crate(if you plan on crate training), plenty of toys, a collar, a leash, food and water bowl and a brush.

How should I transfer the puppy home?
Your puppy will be happy to ride comfortably on your lap when going home. Most puppies fall asleep on the ride to their new home. A crate is another way to transport the puppy, if you feel more comfortable having the puppy secured in one spot during the trip. For families that are unable to pick up their puppies in person, we do allow puppies to fly to them. Please contact us to make arrangements.

How soon do I need to take my new puppy in for a check-up after I pick him up?
The puppy will need to get a check up within 3 business days of bringing him home. Many times, the second set of shots can be done during this visit.

For additional tips for training your Labradoodle, visit our Labradoodle Training page.
From the moment these precious puppies are born they are held by us becoming used to being handled by people. We pay special attention to their ears, feet and toes. This makes it much easier as they get older to trim their nails and clean their ears. We also take the time beginning when the puppies are very young to perform Early Nueral Stimulation.

In the first few weeks they spend a great deal of time with mom in a big whelping box in the puppy room. Nursing, being cleaned, looked after and well taken care of. The puppies get used to a variety of sounds (and with our children) loud noises, so they are not nervous or easily scared.

Once they are three - four weeks of age mom naturally spends a little time away from her babies to encourage the weaning process. We start them off with a mixture of high quality puppy food and baby cereal, or mush as we call it. As time goes on we gradually eliminate the baby cereal until they are only on puppy food and ready and able to eat at their new homes. Once they are mobile we take them out in the yard, let them have individual free time in our house and have friends and family over to get them used to lots of different people.They get used to big hands, little hands, men's hand's woman's hands, deep voices, high pitched voices (and with our kids, yelling, squealing, giggling) and all the bustle of a regular household. Usually, our puppies will even sleep through my vacuuming because they are so used to the everyday sound of a home.

At the appropriate age we will also administer the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. This helps us determine each puppies personality and which family each puppy is best suited for.

Still have questions regarding your Labradoodle Adoption? Call or email us!

A Happy Puppy Begins at our Home...
All our puppies will go home with up to date vaccinations and up to date de-worming. They will also bring home a 2 year health gaurantee, puppy contract, a special toy that they've played with and smells like mom, and a new puppy kit which includes a sample of the food they've been eating. They will be well socialized with children, people and other dogs.

Once we receive proof of Spay/Nueter we will send CKC registration papers.

We reserve the right of refusal when selling a puppy before or after a deposit has been received.

We are not like many breeders that end the sale once you walk out our front door. We want to make sure all our puppies are happy and well adjusted, and are always available for questions or help. We are just a phone call or email away. We have raised many dogs and have lots of experience and advice to offer.Please visit our tips on training page for more great advice. If you have any questions about the Labradoodle Adoption process, please call or email us.
Bringing Your Puppy Home...
We are different than many breeders out there. We feel very strongly about our breeding dogs and puppies being part of our family and living in our home with us. There are many breeders out there that claim
to be small family breeders. They claim that their dogs and puppies are a part of the family and raised in their home. However, you will find on many of these breeder's websites or when you go out to meet them that they have a kennel system, barn or other outdoor facility. We have also seen breeders that raise their puppies indoors for a certain amount of time and then they get moved out outdoors.

We fail to see how this is healthy for the puppy or helpful to the new puppy owner! We feel that the entire time that the puppies are with us(from birth to 8 weeks) that they need to be in a home and around people and household noises and be a part of a home environment. This is crucial to the puppy being well socialized and feeling comfortable in their new home. It doesn't make sense to us that the breeding dogs or a litter of puppies spending the majority of their time in an outdoor set up will have an even temperament, be well loved, get the attention they deserve or have an easy time adjusting to their new home. What does make sense is the breeding dogs and puppies living inside and playing with the children in the home, and getting used to the sound of the vacuum or dishwasher running, the noise from the tv, the doorbell ringing and all the other sounds they will hear when they go to their new homes. The only type of outdoor set up we have is our fenced in yard where the puppies have supervised playtime only, and are never left on their own.

Here at Mountain Creek Labradoodles, when we say that we are a small family breeder, that is exactly what we mean. We have 3 breeding dogs that live with us and live in our home. Our other breeding dogs live in Guardian homes where they are members of the family.

For breeding, our moms and puppies have their own room, "The Puppy Nursery". This room is a generous sized room with tile floors that are easy to keep clean. This room is right off of our kitchen and is warm and cozy when it is cool out, and nice and cool when it is warm out. This is where our puppies sleep and have quiet time until they go to their new homes. When they are awake, they spend most of their time right in our kitchen, playing and getting loved on! They never get moved outside to kennels, barns or any other type of system that is not giving the puppy the homelife and socialization it needs to become part of their new family.

Feel free to browse around and contact us with any questions you may have regarding the Labradoodle Adoption process!
How We Are Different...
DEPOSIT - $250.00
Balance Via PayPal (Includes $50 PayPal Fee) - $1900
Puppy Playroom Pictures
adopting a labradoodle
labradoodle puppies adoption
Shipping Fee (Includes $10 PayPal Fee) - $360
Partial Puppy Balance Via PayPal (Includes $40 PayPal Fee) - $790