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Guardian Home Program

Welcome to Mountain Creek Labradoodle’s Guardianship Program information page. We want all of the dogs that are a part of our breeding program to have happy and healthy lives and be an integral part of a family. We are not a kennel and try to limit the number of dogs that we keep in our home so that we can provide the right amount of care and attention to each dog. The guardianship program provides a way to give our breeding dogs a loving home where they will receive that attention and love they deserve. On this page you will find information pertaining to our guardianship program and how it benefits both our breeding dog and the guardian family.



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Guardian Home Pricing and Options

Upfront Guardian Home Purchase Price - $1500

Female Puppy Option #1 – 2 Litters / $750 Thank You Fee.
This option is for families that want to be a part of the Guardian Home Program for only a few years. We’ll limit the total number of litters that your puppy will have to just two. We offer a thank you fee of $750 after her final litter. Thank you fees are issued after all of the puppies from that litter have gone to their forever homes. Most dogs that are bred just two times are usually retired by their 4th birthday.

Female Puppy Option #2 – 4 Litters / $2000 Thank You Fee.
This option is for families that want to be a part of our traditional guardianship program. Your puppy will have up to 4 litters before being retired. We offer a $1000 thank you fee after her first litter, and an additional thank you fee of $1000 after her fourth litter. Thank you fees are issued after all the puppies from that litter have gone to their forever homes. In option #2, we try to retire our girls before their 6th birthday.

Male Puppy – Retired by 6 years old / $1000 Thank You Fee when retired.
This option is for families that want to be a guardian home to a male puppy. Our males are typically retired before their 6th birthday. We usually use a male stud between 3 & 5 times a year. This can vary though depending on the females that are in our program. We offer a thank you fee of $1000 after his last litter. Thank you fees are issued after all the puppies from that litter have gone to their forever homes.

Training Program Reward

We believe that putting your puppy through a basic training program is an essential part of raising puppies to become well behaved members of their families. This is especially important for our breeding dogs. We want to make sure they are able to follow a few basic commands as this will make their stay with us much more enjoyable and stress free.

It’s also important that they are well socialized and comfortable around other dogs. Labradoodles are social by nature, and taking part in a puppy training class will help them build their social skills.

We offer a $50 PetSmart Gift Card to our guardian home families as a thank you for their efforts in providing puppy training. We will need to see a training certificate from the dog trainer before the gift card is sent.

Guardianship Program Details

The guardianship program varies depending on whether you are a guardian home to a male or female puppy. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect with female and male guardianship. 

Female Guardianship
Females will typically have their first heat sometime around her first birthday. From that point on, it is normal to expect a heat around every 6 months. This is generally the case, but not always. It is required that you contact us immediately when you first notice signs of a heat. This is expected each time the guardian dog goes into heat. A breeding female’s heat cycle will last about 14-21 days. There is usually some discharge during this time. This is easily manage with some doggie underpants. We typically breed our females once a year. All breeding related costs will be the expense of Mountain Creek Labradoodles. We typically bring females to our home for breeding every other day for about a week. This does fluctuate with each dog, and can be longer. The breeding begins around the 10th day of the heat cycle, but again can fluctuate with each dog. We will return her each day as the breeding process usually takes a short time, and pick her up again every other day until breeding is complete. Canine pregnancies are between 58 and 65 days long. We bring females back to our home on day 58. The litters will be whelped and raised with us. Females can be expected to return to their families when their puppies are around 5 weeks of age. We have utilized the Guardian home option for the duration of our breeding program (10 years) and have had a very positive experience, as have our guardian families. While here, our guardian home dogs are members of our family. They are treated like well-loved family pets and have no problem adapting to our home. Our breeding females are retired once they are in their 6th year of age (after the 5th birthday, and before the 6th).

Male Guardianship
Our male Guardian dogs must live within 30 minutes of Gray Court, SC. Males are needed more often than females. However, these times are usually no more than a couple of hour and they will return home after each breeding. As with females, breeding is every other day for the duration of the breeding process (usually a week, but can be more). We expect that a male would be needed for 3-6 breedings per year. However this is only an estimate and will depend on a multitude of variables.  Males are very affectionate and personable. We have had many males either in our home or in Guardian homes over the years and have had great success with them while they are intact. We have not had any instances of males exhibiting any unsavory behavior. Male breeders are retired after age 6.

Guardianship Requirements

In order to be considered for the Guardian Home program you must meet the following requirements;