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Guardian Home Program

Welcome to Mountain Creek Labradoodle's Guardianship  Program information page. We want all our dogs that are part of our breeding program to have happy and healthy lives and be an integral part of a family. We are not a kennel and try to limit the number of dogs that we keep in our home so that we can provide the right amount of care and attention to each dog. The guardianship program provides a way to give our breeding dogs a loving home where they will receive that attention and love they deserve.

Our intent is to place some of our breeding dogs in homes where they will initially be a "Guardian home". This means, the "Guardian dog" will be just like a family pet, but also remain a part of our breeding program. Once the "Guardian dog" is retired from our program, they will become a full time family pet and the "Guardian home" will become the forever home.

All Guardian homes must live within 30 minutes of Simpsonville, SC.

Mountain Creek's Don't Be Cruel "Memphis"

Go Home Date: Available Now
Coat Types: Fleece, Non Shedding, HypoAllergenic
Expected Weight: 30 lbs
Price: $1500

Available for Guardian Home Adoption!

Details about our current Guardian home opportunity: Memphis is a 1 1/2 year old cream male. He is about 33lbs and has a beautiful teddy bear face and stocky body. He looks handsome with his hair cut short or grown out. Either way, his coat is soft and non-shedding. He has outgrown the puppy phase and is reliable around the house without getting into trouble.

He is house trained as well as dog door trained. Memphis walks well on a leash and enjoys going for walks. He is also great in our fenced in backyard. He will chase the ball, but also loves to just hang out. He is very affectionate and  gets along great with everyone. Memphis has the cutest head tilt that he uses when he hears something interesting or when he's thinking extra hard! At this time, we don't have many females that we will be breeding with Memphis, so he will be used for our program just a few times a year.

We are happy to answer any questions and provide more info on our Guardian program if needed!