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Chocolate Mini Labradoodle
Mini F1B Labradoodle
Labradoodle Puppy
australian labradoodle puppies
Labradoodle Puppy

Misha & Jasper - Mini Australian Labradoodle Puppies

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Why Adopt A Puppy From Us?
Our labradoodle puppies make the perfect family pets and companions!

Our labradoodle puppies are raised in our home from birth until they go to their new homes. They are part of our family in every sense of the word. They are handled and socialized from day one until they go home. They are raised in our home(most of their time is spent right in our kitchen) and become used to all the sounds and sights of a home. There is never a time or an age where they inhabit another building or outdoor kennel or yard that is separate from us.This makes a HUGE difference!

Their parents have superb, top quality, personalities, coats, health and conformation. We take special care when adding a breeding dog to our program. They have to meet our strict guidelines. This is very apparent in our labraododle puppies.

Our labradoodle puppies have hypo-allergenic, soft, non-shedding coats. It makes us very happy to provide so many families with allergies, with a loving, happy, healthy puppy that does not aggravate their allergies!

Check out our Testimonials Page for the MANY awesome emails and notes we have received attesting to how amazing our puppies are! Please feel free to browse around our website, we have lots of pictures and info, or to Contact Us with any questions you have.
We think Labradoodles are the perfect dogs for so many familys! But don't just take our word for it. Here is a sampling of testimonials from families that have adopted labradoodle puppys from us in the past.

"Baxter is a great dog and he’s a great member of our family and my dental practice! He goes to work with me during the week. We have done three training courses so far and he is very smart and well behaved. One of the courses was to learn tricks and he was the star of that class...a real circus dog!"

"Absolutely LOVE Collins!!!!!  He has been my faithful companion and friend since I picked him up. He is extremely smart, has such personality and was potty trained, hands down, immediately... My 4 children are a little jealous of him at times (ha ha) since we do almost everything together. I would love to have another someday in the near future just to give Collins a playmate but that will have to be decided later. Collins is now 17 pounds and holding. We travel nearly 3 weeks every month and he's such a great sport with all the constant changes :)"
Happy New Year!
Warm Wishes,
Terri Jo and Collins

"We had a trainer to come by and talk with us to make sure we were doing things right. He has been training dogs for 30 years several celebrities also, such as Gerald Ford, and Kirk Douglas. Said has trained a lot of Labradoodles and thinks they are great dogs. Kept looking at Bogey and saying what a great looking dog, also loved the way he carried himself, and said he was obviously very smart. Ended up saying he was one of the best looking labradoodles he has seen and he was really sincere, Also could not believe how well adjusted he was already."

"Hi Tom and Robyn -
We couldn't love "Tug" any more than we do!!  He is the perfect puppy - full of love, a happy, waggly tail, great temperament, and completely gorgeous!  The ride home was uneventful - he whimpered a bit, but was very good.  He was greeted at his new home by family and friends.  We also learned that he loves to swim!  He tried to take a few strokes in his water dish - we have since put him in a pool, and he swims with strength and enthusiasm.  His intelligence is already beginning to show as well.  He is responding to simple commands in a positive manner and has already learned about the basic routines of the house.  He doesn't bark - he eats well - he is now sleeping through the night.(As of last night!)   I am enjoying our short training sessions, our play time, our walks, and our socializing with friends and other dogs.  He is the hit of the neighborhood!
Everyone who Tug meets falls madly in love with him and there have been many "dog napping" threats! He is perfect in every way and we are so happy to have him in our family!! I feel like he has been with us forever.  He is adapting to crate training (he sleeps there in the night and we keep the door open in the day) but I find that being at our feet is his favorite spot.
Thank you so much for breeding such a perfect puppy.   I will send pictures as he grows and changes and let you know how he is getting along.
All best"

Just wanted to let you know that BlueTan (now Guinness) is doing well at our house. He's very playful and loves to take naps all the time...especially on top of our air conditioning vents. My dad and i have let him "swim" in our pool (basically we hang on to him, get the water on him so he doesn't freak out...yesterday my dad kind of just held him afloat and i put my hands out, and he tried to swim towards me). He loves being in the center of attention and is very good with coming when he's called, but the only thing we're still trying to work on is him not crying when we put him in the crate at night--he actually did pretty well last night. Hope the rest of your puppies are doing well, and I'll send pictures when i get a few :)"

Our hats off to you for breeding such wonderful animals.  We can already tell this is one smart dog.  He's a bit perplexed by the city but it's amazing to see him soak it all in, a real observer of everything around him.   His name is Oliver so naturally we call him Ollie for short.  He's been one busy traveller since Friday and seems to be very content with whatever comes his way.
He had another round of shots today and our vet declared him 'perfect'.  What more could we ask for.
Thanks and we'll be in touch with another report soon."
Availability & Adoption Info
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Adoption List
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4. Looking for a Guardian Home for Female (Must live within 1 hour of Greenville)

If you have questions and would like to call us, our phone number is
864-946-9267. You can also find more information about this litter at our Blog.
DEPOSIT - $250.00
Litter Details
MultiGen Australian Mini Labradoodle Puppies
Parents: Misha & Jasper
Go Home Date: Saturday, December 1st 2012
Coat Types: Fleece, Non-Shedding, HypoAllergenic
Coat Colors: Chocolate
Sex: 1 Females, 3 Males
Expected Weight: 20-25 lbs
Price: $2000

Description: Misha and Jasper's litter has arrived! These little chocolate kisses will be ready to join your family for the holiday season! This litter will be 20-25lbs when full grown. They will have chocolate coats that are to die for! If you are looking for a fun, happy, smart and of course absolutely adorable Labradoodle that will be a wonderful companion then look no further. These little cutie's are the perfect addition for your family. This size loves to go for walks, fetch the ball and play with kids, but they are not so large that they are overwhelming to have inside, or with children. Their coats will be soft, and non-shedding which is a great bonus!

Fill out our puppy inquiry form to RESERVE A PUPPY or to get more information about this litter.

Pictures from Misha's Previous Litters - CLICK HERE
Male - Dark Blue Ribbon - Non-Shedding Fleece
Male - Tan Ribbon - Non-Shedding Fleece
Male - Light Blue Ribbon - Non-Shedding Fleece
Current Litter Pictures: Newborns!!!
Male - Light Blue Ribbon - Non-Shedding Fleece