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Cassie's Mini Australian Labradoodles

Cassie and Jasper have some really cute puppies! They have such soft and fleecy coats, without a tight curl! Just beautiful golden fleece locks. They don't need to be groomed as often as a curly coated labradoodle as their coats are not as prone to matting. If you are looking for a small Australian Labradoodle with NO SHEDDING or allergy problems, then this is the litter for you!

VISIT OUR UPCOMING LITTERS PAGE to find out if we have a litter of Cream Australian Labradoodle Puppies planned in the near future, and our AVAILABLE PUPPIES page to see current litters available.
Cassie - MultiGen Australian LabradoodleJasper - MultiGen Australian Labradoodle
Baxter - Cream Mini Australian Labradoodle
"Baxter is a great dog and he’s a great member of our family and my dental practice! He goes to work with me during the week. We have done three training courses so far and he is very smart and well behaved. One of the courses was to learn tricks and he was the star of that class...a real circus dog!"
Tucker - Cream Mini Australian Labradoodle
Star - Cream Mini Australian Labradoodle
"Starr is doing awesome, she's such a wonderful addition to our family. She doesn't shed at all! That's such an added bonus!"



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