Labradoodle Training Facility

Welcome to Mountain Creek Labradoodles' training facility. We've been successfully sending home "trained doodles" since 2017.

Our training facility is on site and exclusively for our Mountain Creek Puppy Families. Our families can choose to pick up their Labradoodle puppies at 8 weeks of age or enroll them in our 3 week, Stay and Train, potty and crate training program. If enrolled in our training program, this is where your puppy will spend a lot of his/her time.

We built a training facility 100 feet from our house that still has all the comforts and coziness of home. It has a living space with a full kitchen and an office, so we can eat and work all while we are with our puppies.

It also has a bedroom where our family members take turns sleeping while our Labradoodle training puppies learn night time crating.

We have doggie doors installed that lead out to fenced in potty yards for puppies as they are introduced to  pottying outside. We utilize our trusty puppy playpens to keep the puppies contained safely in their play area when we start training. This also gives them a place they view as their own, and they naturally try to keep it clean and wait until potty breaks for pottying. As they grow and learn, they get to have more and more freedom and access to the training facility living area. We left no detail overlooked when we created this space for our super smart, training puppies.