What is an Australian Labradoodle

So what is an Australian Labradoodle?

There are considerable and important details that differentiate between the Labradoodle (sometimes called "American Labradoodle" and the Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodles or American Labradoodles have one Labrador parent and one Poodle parent. These first-generation Labradoodles are referred to as F1. And from those we get second-generation, F2, and so on. This type of Labradoodle can be very unreliable in coat quality, level of allergy friendliness/non-shedding, and temperament.

The Australian Labradoodle was first bred in the 1950's in Australia, but gained more popularity in the 1980's when the Royal Guide Dogs began breeding them for seeing eye dogs.This is a breed that has been carefully developed since the 1980s, bred over generations with focus on temperament, coat quality and soundness through diligent health testing and planned matings. Australian Labradoodles today are descendants of these original Australian Labradoodles bred for the Royal Guide dogs. Because of this, their coat quality, temperament and health are predictable and reliable. No other doodle breed, including the American Labradoodle has been developed over generations like the Australian Labradoodle. The Royal Guide Dogs bred 31 of these original Australian Labradoodles. Of those 31, 29 became guide dogs. This truly speaks to the amazing temperament and trainability of the Australian Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodles are gentle, loyal, and sociable. They are fun, friendly and sometimes silly! They love all animals and are very good with children. Plus, they are intelligent and quick to learn. In fact, they are widely used as therapy and service dogs. Mainly because they’re so universally friendly, gentle, and easy to train.

Australian Labradoodles are often described as ‘born to serve.’ This means that they’re naturally quick to learn. As a result, the Australian Labradoodle easy to train and eager to learn. This is one of the reasons we love working with our Australian Labradoodle puppies in the training program we developed 6 years ago, just for them! Check out our Training Program and Training Facility!